This is the official site of the David Burrus Academy, your virtual school of relationships. Just a warning - If you aren't interested in growing, being developed, getting practical tools, or overcoming the relationship obstacles that you have faced on a regular basis, this is NOT the place for you.


​Here is where GROWTH happens!

What we do.

We are a training center for all things relationships.


Our focus is helping singles understand the principles of healthy and balanced relationships. We are as equally committed to ensuring that marriages are strengthened. 



Why we do it.

Nearly half of marriages (in the United States) end in divorce. We are here to do our part in lowering those numbers.  


We are committed to ensuring that single men and woman have the tools they will need to start and advance their relationships in the most healthy and intentional ways that they can. 


We are also intentional about equipping married couples with insight, wisdom, and practical tools to ensure that their marriages are thriving. 

How we do it.

We believe that practical training, consistent accountability, and a strong focus on community are keys to growth and development. 


We strive to present practical insight for relationships, while also creating a strong peer based community, that will support your growth and development.  

Who we do it for. 

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure this relationship stuff out?


Do you wish you had practical and applicable tools and systems for developing and maintaining healthy relationships?


Are you ready to be at peace with your decision making concerning your relationships?


Are you ready to experience growth and strength in your current or future marriage? 


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this is for YOU!


We have created an experience that we hope you will appreciate.

We think learning should be fun and uncomplicated.


We've made it flexible for you

We have made our coursework open to all members. In other words, singles are free to take the marriage courses, and married couples are free to take the singles courses.


We have done this because we believe in giving singles a head start for their future marriages, and we believe many married couples could benefit from being reminded of the basics and foundations of relationships.

User Friendly

We've made it easy to access

We understand how frustrating technology can be for some. We have created a platform that is easy to access and navigate. 


We have worked hard to alleviate all of your frustrations and insecurities about technology, so that your experience can be as enjoyable and impactful as possible. 

24/7 Access

We've left the door open for you

We fully understand that we have different lifestyles and patterns for everyday living. We have made your courses and tools accessible for you to enjoy at any time of day.


Our goal is to be there for you whenever you need us to be. We do that by granting 24/7 access to all of our tools and resources. 

Customer Care

We've been well trained to serve you

Our goal is to make sure that your experience with the David Burrus Academy is pleasant. We have a well trained support team ready to assist you with your service needs. 



Here is a closer look at how we plan of helping you transform your life

and relationships from good to great.


  • Virtual Trainings

    One of the primary ways that you will be equipped is in our weekly live virtual trainings. These trainings are designed to equip you holistically. The trainings are primarily focused on biblical principles for love, life, leadership, and/or business. 


    You will gain immediate access to these trainings upon enrollment. 

  • One on One Coaching

    We believe that the community will provide the insight, wisdom, strategy, and change that you need to get to your next level in you relationships and with your purpose.


    We have suspended one on one coaching until further notice.

  • Private Community

    One of the key components of the David Burrus Academy is the strong focus on peer based community. We thrive when we do life together.


    We have been very intentional about writing community into the culture of our offerings. Our objective is to create an environment where you can meet others, network, and do life together. 

  • Monthly Courses

    We are excited about the monthly courses that will be made available to all of our members. These courses will be released every 2nd Monday of the month.


    We have growth tracks for singles, engaged couples, and married couples. Our coursework is catered to each one of those relationship statuses, and the actionable items (homework, action steps) are specific to each status. 

  • Monthly Webinars

    We are very much excited about our live virtual webinars. Much different than our weekly training, these 2-3 hour webinars are intensives on particular subject matters. We will tackle a wide array of subjects, from communication to personal branding. 


    These live webinars are valued at anywhere between $497-$1200, but they are included in your membership at no extra charge. There is no extra enrollment or registration for these live webinars. It is available to all of our members. 

  • Member Discounts

    We believe that there should be advantages to memberships. You will receive a 10% discount on all David Burrus Academy products and live events. 




Our customers are raving, and we are sharing...

I have had the wonderful pleasure of taking a couple of David Burrus' courses, and I am hooked. The teachings are clear, practical, and applicable. 

Stephen Forde
Web Developer

David's coaching was the nudge in the right direction that I so desperately needed. His coaching brought two things - clarity and traceable results. Kudos!

Bethany Pruitt
Blogger, Stylist

David Burrus has changed my perspective on how I do relationships. In my frustration of going in circles, David has given me strategies for building healthy relationships, which he has helped me understand that it starts with me first.

Nikkie Pryce

Entrepreneur, Influencer

David is natural at mentoring and coaching, because it is his gift to the world. He has helped me develop clear and actionable steps to move my business project forward. 

Crystal Grace

Serial Entrepreneur


We are huge fans of underselling and overdelivering. We want the Academy to be affordable for you, so there is one rate to gain access to everything.


Immediate access to all courses


Immediate access to private Facebook community


Immediate access to the weekly live virtual empowerment trainings


Immediate access to the monthly virtual webinars


Discounts on all DBA Products





We are here to make sure you are comfortable. Here are a few of the most 

frequent questions we are asked. 

Is the David Burrus  Academy an accredited school?

Is everything done online?

Is there a time limit on the courses?

Is there an extra fee associated with the weekly trainings and webinars?

How frequently will my card be charged?

Can I cancel at anytime?

What does the coursework entail?

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