In order to experience the most healthy, balanced, and fruitful relationship or marriage, you have to to be the most healthy, balanced, and fruitful versions of yourself. It starts with YOU, and we are on mission to help you get to the best version of yourself, for the best marriage or relationship. 

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You don't have "relationship" problems...  

What if the challenges you perceive in your relationship aren't the core issue? What if the reflection staring back at you reveals deeper truths, often overlooked? In our quest for love, connection, and understanding, we sometimes miss the most vital connection of all: the one with ourselves.

It's time to ask: Are you bringing your authentic self to your relationships? Or are past wounds, fears, and insecurities clouding your present? At The David Burrus Academy, we delve deeper than surface-level issues. Here, we courageously confront the inner narratives and personal blockages that might be holding you back.

Face the mirror. Discover yourself. And watch as your relationships transform, starting from within.

Look at the "10 Most Common Reasons Relationships Fail".


  • Lack of Trust: Doubting the intentions, words, or actions of a partner erodes the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, suspicion and insecurity can dominate interactions.

  • Poor Communication: Failing to express feelings, needs, or concerns clearly can lead to misunderstandings and create unnecessary rifts. Conversely, not actively listening to a partner can also cause feelings of neglect.

  • Incompatibility: Sometimes, fundamental differences in values, life goals, or priorities can become roadblocks. While differences can enrich a relationship, incompatibility at the core level can lead to dissatisfaction.

  • Avoiding Vulnerability: Keeping walls up and not allowing oneself to be truly seen or understood can prevent deep emotional connection and intimacy.

  • Unresolved Baggage: Bringing unresolved issues from past relationships into a new one can strain the current partnership and unfairly burden the partner.

  • Taking for Granted: Not appreciating or valuing the partner's efforts, time, or emotions can lead to feelings of neglect and resentment.

  • Dependency Issues: Being overly dependent or overly independent can both be detrimental. A healthy relationship involves a balance of togetherness and individuality.

  • Differing Expectations: Not being on the same page regarding major life decisions, such as finances, family planning, or career paths, can create constant friction.

  • Neglecting Personal Growth: Stagnation in personal development can impact a relationship. If one partner grows and evolves while the other remains static, it can create a divide.

  • Lack of Conflict Resolution Skills: Every relationship encounters conflicts, but not having the tools or the willingness to address and resolve them can lead to lingering issues and resentment.

If you see a reflection of yourself in any of these points, know that you're exactly where you need to be, diving into the very content meant for you. It's these ten pivotal reasons that fueled the birth and purpose of The David Burrus Academy.



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Here is how we are going to help you...

Foundational Faith-Based Guidance

  • Deep-rooted wisdom: At the heart of our coaching is the timeless wisdom of Christian teachings. Relationships are not just about two individuals but also their bond with God. Our sessions ensure that couples and singles navigate their paths with faith as their cornerstone.
  • Spiritual enrichment: Our guidance aims not just to mend the cracks but also to fortify relationships with spiritual nourishment. By integrating prayer, scripture, and God-centered teachings, we endeavor to build relationships that reflect God's love and purpose.

Community & Support System

  • A Network of Support: Being part of our coaching community means you're never alone. We offer group sessions, workshops, and online forums where individuals can share experiences, learn from others, and realize that many challenges are universal.
  • Lifelong Learning: Relationships are ever-evolving. As a member, you'll have access to a repository of resources, including books, articles, videos, and seminars, ensuring that learning and growth are ongoing processes.


Theoretical & Practical Relationship Strategies

  • Balanced Approach: We believe in striking a balance between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. While the theoretical insights provide a foundation, practical strategies ensure real-world application.
  • Actionable Steps: Our community offers tools, exercises, and activities that allow couples and singles to actively work on strengthening their bonds. This hands-on approach ensures that insights are not just understood, but lived.

So, what is this David Burrus Academy thing about?

Take a listen, as our founder shares more about the vision, mission, and benefits of the David Burrus Academy. 


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